Maice Dittrich

What does the partnership with SILBERPFEIL means to me?

The collaboration is a perfect match to my varying sport activities. No matter if surfing, kiting or skating, SILBERPFEIL always ensure that I'm full of energy. I'm always searching for the right flow. And at that moment when you become one with your passion – this is definitely #biggerthanlife! That's the reason why I feel so great in the SILBERPFEIL Athletes Team. I'm very happy being on bord!


Birthday: 02,11,1999
Living in: Home is where I park – Vanlife
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Hight: 1.80
Kite-surfing since: I was 11 y/o
Favorite Place: Canaries (Spain), Sylt (Germany), Hel (Poland)
Favorite Food: Pierogi, Pizza, Sushi
Hobbies: everything that includes a board
Favorite surf spot: Fuerteventura, Sylt
Hobbies beyond sports: more sports, my dogs, reading, Netflix
Languages: German, Polish, English

My greatest surf experience:

That was in 2020: Winning the first place at the polish championships, for sure!
Since 2013 I tried showing my talent over an over again but always failed. After many defeats and tears I nearly gave up in 2019. I felt lost and so far away from my goal, even though I became second place in 2019. But this also pushed me to work even harder. When I made it to the finals in 2020, I felt so determined. After finishing the finals, I was so happy with myself and my performance. I was so nervous when they started reading down the names and the placements. And then .... after the minutes felt like hours, they said "Maice Dittrich polish champion of 2020" I couldn't hold back my tears. This title means so much to me because I realized that all the hard work over the years and the patience of my family, friends and partners has paid off!