Jakob Herrmann

SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is a proud partner of Jakob Herrmann. The Energy Drink provides him not only high performance, it is also the perfect energy boost in any situation.

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SILBERPFEIL is giving me the essential energy boost during long training sessions, especially when the battery is getting low. I need SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink also after long intense units, therefore I prefer the great taste 'watermelon'. The regeneration can be initiated very fast because of the sugar level and you will be ready for the challenge on the next day. 


  • Date of birth: 24.07.1987
  • Profession: Teacher (Maths, Sport, Cooking)
  • National Team Skimountaineering since 2010
  • Ski: SkiTrab
  • Clothing: Adidas TERREX
  • Boot: Gignoux Carbon Skiboot