Sandra Koblmüller

SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is a proud partner of Sandra Koblmüller. The Energy Drink provides her not only high performance, it is also the perfect energy boost in any situation.

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Sandra Koblmueller Trailrunner Trailrunning

I use SILBERPFEIL as a booster for hard training sessions and competitions. It helps me to push my limits and to stay concentrated and focused.


Sandra Koblmueller Trailrunner Trailrunning

• Date of birth: 15.07.1990
• Place of residence: Rif/Salzburg
• Height: 167 cm
• Weight: 52 kg
• Profession: Sports scientist, sport and geography teacher
• Hobbies: All kinds of outdoorsports
• Achievements:

  • several national champion titles (mountainrunning and crosstriahtlon)
  • Team Worldchampion in Mountainrunning 2018
  • 6th place indiviual Worldchampionship Mountainrunning