David Wallmann

David Wallmann is an upcoming talent in ski touring and trail running sport. SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is the perfect companion for challenging competition situations, both for trail running and touring.

SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink Sportfamilie David Wallmann


>>Carbohydrates play an important role in endurance sports. During long training sessions caffeine, in conjunction with sugar, ensures a constant performance and the feared 'hunger' is not enough. The taurine serves to keep the ability to concentrate downhill in alpine terrain. This makes SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink the perfect addition to a balanced Sports Diet.<<

David Wallmann

>>The greatest thing about ski mountaineering is to fail. Due to this aspect you get more and more motivation to do better, as long as you are ready for the summit" says David Wallmann, who is one of the most promising talents in the ski mountaineering and trail running sports. He is 24 years young and grew up in St. Koloman, which is located in the Salzburger Land. David is giving lessons at the polytechnic institute in Bischofshofen. For three years now he has done ski mountaineering and trail running, though without a training schedule. For him it is a privilege to do sports, therefore he creates his workout plan by instinct, an aspect which differentiates himself from others.
For David, Sport signifies: "Zoning out, forgetting the everyday stress and burning off energy.<<