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In 1934 the name "Silberpfeil" told the story behind the myth and the rise of Mercedes Benz. About 80 years later, almost everyone associate the brand Mercedes not only with the art of design, high social standing and an exclusive lifestyle but also with reliability, perfection and high quality.


In 2015 the company SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink was founded totally independently in Salzbur, Austria. Further on, the name SILBERPFEIL got saved and guarded as a word brand in different classes of goods.
Due to the participation at the DTM, with an own SILBERPFEIL-Racing-Team and the resulting partnership with the Daimler AG, SILBERPFEIL was able to become good allied, especially in Germany, even before any any can had been sold.

In 2016 the first cans of SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink flavored Classic, Sugar Free and Watermelon got bottled in Upper Austria, sold in the whole country and successfully launched on the market. Starting to focus on the gastronomies, later on gas stations and meanwhile SILBERPFEIL is extending throughout the trade market in Austria and Germany. With the launch of the "Black Orange" flavor in 2020, the company was able to successfully establish itself in the trade market with the new SILBERPFEIL Black Orange Energy Drink.

During the current years, SILBERPFEIL started to establish the brand in motorsports on the one hand and soccer and various summer- and winter sports on the other hand. Additionally events also started playing a big part for SILBERPFEIL.


According to the slogan ENERGIZE YOUR HUSTLE, SILBERPFEIL maintains the exclusivity of his Energy Drink and focuses on the target group of sporty, curious and determinded people, who are searching for the perfect power-kick.
Also, the SILBERPFEIL-Cocktails underline the fact that this Energy Drink is way more than just an energy source for the whole day – or the whole night.

SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink has made it to it's mission to keep working on the international expasnsion. But not enough with that – 'cause this energy has no limit!



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1934 Energy Handels GmbH & Co KG
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