Franz Josef Rehrl


What the partnership with SILBERPFEIL means to me:

SILBERPFEIL and the Nordic Combination have a lot in common. Dynamic, Strength, Endurance and especially the deep passion. No matter if in dizzying height or fast racetracks. It's all about that special moment when you push yourself over the limit and feel every single muscle in your body, just to prove yourself that you can!

SILBERPFEIL provides that little extra amount of energy that is necessary to gain the energy for my competitions and also regenerate as fast as possible.

It is a partnership that will support me on my way back to the world's best athletes.


Date of Birth: 15.03.1993
Hometown: Ramsau am Dachstein
Height: 173 cm
Hobbies: Paragliding, Cycling, Baking
Favourite food: Lasagne
Values: respect, kindness, appreciation

This is how i started Nordic combined: There was a very dedicated association in my hometown in which I was able to build up my passion for this sport.

Rather Cross County Skiing or Ski Jumping: Both, this is why I became Nordic Combiner

My greatest sport experience: Without hesitation the word championships in Seefeld in 2019. Winning 3 bronze medals was overwhelming.