Janina Zeitler

What does the cooperation with SILBERPFEIL means to me?

I'm very excited about the collaboration with SILBERPFEIL and about the fact, having a partner by my side who can support me as an athlete best possible. Since my first meeting with the SILBERPFEIL Team I feel so good being in the athlete-team, because they act so familiar. I am totally convinced of the Energy Drink, because it's super tasty on the one Hand and it gives me the necessary energy kick after a exhausting surf session on the other hand.

• Name: Janina Zeitler
• Birthday: 9/19/2000
• Born in: Munich
• Nationality: Germany
• Live in: Munich
• Surfing since: summer 2021
• Homespot: Eisbach Munich
• Height: 1.72 cm
• Weight: 64 kg
• favorite food: Lasagne
• favortite spot: Costa Rica – Playa Negra
• Hobbys: surfing, skating, stand up paddling, skiing
• Languages: german, English, a little french

The greatest surf-experience:

My greatest surf experience happened in La Salinas in Fuertaventura. Winter Swell, Offshore wind, cystal clear water, perfect waves and there was only 3 surfers in the water. The athmosphere was just amazing and so familiar. Eventhough we dind't know one another, we pushed and supported each other.